Giving Back…Paying it Forward!

Giving Back…Paying it Forward!

Run as ONE – Treat All Humanity as ONE

Opportunities to give back to the community present itself in so many different ways. Some are grand gestures while others are small in nature. Regardless of the size, impact, effort, etc., the recognition and eventual action taken is both powerful and meaningful. It is up to us to recognize the possibility and then act on the circumstance provided.

For it is in giving that we receive.

St Francis of Assisi

I have been fortunate enough to be able to give the gift of life through blood and platelet donation numerous times. Each generous donation from an individual can potentially save up to three lives. As the donor, though, I never really see who reaps the benefits in the end. In the same light, through the Art of Speaking (, I have been offered the chance to sponsor an upcoming charity run/walk. The local non-profit organizations that the proceeds will go to are the Frances Foundation for Kids Fighting Cancer ( and the ONE Project (@oneprojectnj). More than likely, I will not know the individuals my donation is helping, but the occasion to help others prevails and I have paid it forward by becoming the event’s first sponsor! The mission from the Run as One (@runasonenj) team is simple: To embrace our diverse communities supporting humanity together, inspiring change and running as one. The precise words selected and embedded in the logo above of Equality, Peace, Respect, Togetherness, Love, Acceptance encompass this vision.

As a mother of three boys, I constantly question their actions based on the values and principles that my parents laid down as a foundation for me. Rather than asking the closed ended question of ‘How was school?’ and hearing the typical ‘Good’ reply, I consciously discuss their day with each of them in detail. In addition, I ask those open-ended questions we all have read about with particular emphasis on ‘What did you do today to help someone?’ or ‘What act of kindness did you do or witness today?’ In my previous article, Art of Listening, I explored active listening in depth. Further in the conversation with my boys, I reiterate one of the pillars within the Sikh religion of seva, selfless service. This concept is based on humility, no expectations and receiving nothing in return. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru of the Sikhs, delivered the very concise message to treat all humanity as one.  

With Veteran’s Day approaching, please register to run/walk in honor of all those who have served, are serving and will serve!

For this Thanksgiving 2019, please consider giving back/paying it forward as a sponsor for the Run As One 5K Run/1 Mile Walk!

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