This class has helped me with school projects and presentations. I am moe confident now whenever I have to speak to an audience. Thanks for all the help, Raj – Vineet Fall 2019 course

“Art of Speaking is a great class for anyone who is looking to enhance their public speaking skills. I have found my son has gained tremendous confidence, understands his body language when speaking in front of the audience and also knows how to portray his voice much better. This class has helped in a number of fronts and practicing in front of peers as well as a great mentor/teacher is of great value. Rajnarind is an excellent teacher and provides valuable feedback to each child to help each one grow.” – Rajminder, Summer and Fall 2019 courses

“My son had a great experience in the Art of Speaking class with Ms. Rajnarind, an excellent teacher. She understood his personality traits and worked uniquely with him, on a one to one basis! This class gave him great exposure and I would totally recommend this public speaking class!” – Menita, Summer 2019 course

“Thanks, Rajnarind for your initiative and leadership. this platform provided an opportunity for everyone to learn and enhance their communication in a structured and supportive environment, You have inspired a number of people to identify, invest and develop their public speaking skills.” – Rajesh, March 2018 and 2019 adult course

“I’d like to thank you for all the time and effort you took out for our classes. When my kids enrolled in this wonderful program, little did I know that I was going to leave more confident and feeling more positive about myself. Thank you so much for giving me that, Raj, and I know that I have found a mentor for life!” – Pooja, March 2018 adult course

“With my experience of life, I was sure that you have a passion, capability and commitment to be of service to many people. Undoubtedly people will tremendously benefit from your expertise and skills and you will be motivated for many more leaps.” – Prem Ghai, March 2019 adult course

“Thank you, Raj, for your great mentorship! You are amazing doing all that you do! It has been wonderful getting to know each and every one of you. I have learned so much from everyone” – Weiling, March 2019 adult course

“It gives me great pleasure in recommending Rajnarind for her enthusiastic and inspiring leadership. She displayed exemplary skills in bringing together a group of parents to constructively utilize their time. Her personality and communication skills motivated every member to better themselves. Every participant felt truly inspired and richer with new skills in communication. Kudos to Rajnarind for her innovative approach in creating an opportunity for learning for the community!” – Rima, March 2018 adult course

“My interactions with Rajnarind are nothing, but positive. Her willingness to help and guide me with my resume in the critiquing process has been tremendously beneficial and insightful. She is extremely talented in public speaking, professionally astute and passionate about developing people. It is an absolute pleasure to have met her and I hope to continue our relationship.” – Rajwinder, Director, Prudential Financial